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Starter-Kit HiPace 700
Starter-Kit HiPace 700 Starter-Kit HiPace 700

Starter-Kit HiPace 700

Starter-Kit HiPace 700 ... More »

Κατασκευαστής: Pfeiffer Vacuum
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: Starter-Kit HiPace 700
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Starter-Kit HiPace 700

Starter-Kit HiPace 700

Each Kit consists of a HiPace turbopump including all accessories necessary for operation.
All starter kit components are designed for optimal compatibility and allow for installation in
all positions as well as for easy commissioning of the turbopump.

Included in this Kit :

HiPace 700 with TC 400 controller, DN 160 flange ISO-K , CF-F or ISO-F

  • Compact yet powerful turbopump with a pumping speed of up to 685 l/s for N2
  • Maximum vacuum performance with minimum power consumption
  • For installation in any orientation
  • Integrated TC 400 drive electronics
  • Integrated, powerful cooling system

OmniControl 400, Display control unit with integrated power supply

  • For power supply, control and operation of appropriate Pfeiffer Vacuum products
  • With integrated power supply
  • Connection of Pfeiffer Vacuum ActiveLine gauges possible
  • Interface cable (3 m) for drive electronics included in scope of deliver
  • Large 3.5" Touch Display

Connection cable for HiPace with TC 400 to power supply pack TPS/OmniControl 400

  • Connection cable from electronic drive unit TC 400 to TPS/OmniControl400
  • Cable length: 3 m, other lengths on request

Air cooling for HiPace 700 with TC400

  • Ideally matched to HiPace 400/700 and 800
  • Supplied from electronic drive unit TC 400/TM 700 and TCP 350
  • Required installation elements included in scope of delivery
  • Connects directly with M12 to accessory outputs of electronic drive unit