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SDG7000A Series Γεννήτριες κυματομορφών
SDG7000A Series Γεννήτριες κυματομορφών SDG7000A Series Γεννήτριες κυματομορφών

SDG7000A Series Γεννήτριες κυματομορφών

Product Overview SIGLENT’s SDG7000A is a family of dual-channe... More »

Κατασκευαστής: SIGLENT
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: SDG7000A
Διαθεσιμότητα: Καλάθι προϊόντων

SDG7000A Series Γεννήτριες κυματομορφών

Product Overview

SIGLENT’s SDG7000A is a family of dual-channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators that feature up to 1 GHz bandwidth, a maximum sample rate of 5 GSa/s, and 14-bit vertical resolution. It can generate arbitrary waveforms point by point with a maximum 2.5 GSa/s sample rate and vector signals with a maximum of 500 MSa/s. It also has the ability to generate a variety of signals such as continuous wave, Pulse, Noise, PRBS patterns, and a 16-bit digital bus. It supports the generation of complex signals such as modulation, sweeping, bursting, and dual-channel copying/coupling/tracking and superposition. The outputs are user selectable for differential or single-ended connections and support a maximum output range of ± 24 V. The instrument can ensure a large amplitude under high-frequency which eliminates an external power amplifier in some applications and addresses a wider range of requirements.

Key Features

- Dual-channel differential/single-ended output,16-bit LVDS/LVTTL digital bus outputs (optional)
- High-performance sampling system with 5 GSa/s sample rate and 14 -bit vertical resolution
- 1 GHz maximum bandwidth (SDG7102A: 1 GHz, SDG7052: 500 MHz, SDG7032: 300 MHz)
- Generates arbitrary waveform with sample rates of 0.01 Sa/s ~ 2.5 GSa/s
- Memory depth of 512 Mpts
- Segmented editing /playback functions
- Generates vector signals with up to 500 MS/s symbol rate.

- Generates low jitter pulses with 1 ns minimum pulse width and 500 ps minimum edge
- Up to 1 GHz bandwidth and White Gaussian Noise with adjustable bandwidth 
- PRBS up to 312.5 Mbps
- LVTTL and LVDS Digital bus options for digital signal sourcing  up to 1 Gbps
- Includes popular analog/digital modulation types, sweeping and bursting functions
- Enhanced dual-channel operation functions: inter-channel tracking, coupling, and copying
- Dual-channel superposition function
- Mutual modulation between channels
- The 24 Vpp analog output is superimposed with ± 12 Vdc offset to provide a maximum output range of ± 24 V (48 V)
- High precision Frequency Counter
- 5-inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 800×480
- External mouse and keyboard operation
- WebServer to control the instruments remotely without downloading software
- Includes 10 MHz In, 10 MHz Out, Trigger In/Out, and Marker sync connections
- Full SCPI command manual for easy integration into test systems




Wide Range Amplitude Output

24 Vpp analog output superimposed with ± 12 Vdc offset, providing a maximum output range of ± 24 V (48 V).

Excellent Arbitrary Waveform Generation

AFG mode uses traditional DDS technology to generate arbitrary waveforms

AWG mode uses SIGLENTs innovative TrueArb technology which provides an adjustable sample rate from 0.01 Sa/s~ 2.5 GSa/s and jitter less than 20 ps.

The flexible platform also provides zero-order hold, linear, and sinc interpolation methods for increased flexibility when creating complex waveforms.

Sequence editing and playback The SDG7000A supports up to 1024 arbitrary wave segments, each of which can be set with a maximum of 65535 repetitions. When switching between segments, the output seamlessly moves from the last point of the previous segment to the first point of the next segment without generating an idle level. It is suitable for applications with high requirements for waveform switching.

Low jitter

When a Square/Pulse waveform is generated by traditional DDS, there can be additional jitter if the sample rate is not an integer-related multiple of the output frequency. EasyPulse technology successfully overcomes this weakness in DDS designs and helps to produce low jitter Square/Pulse waveforms.

High speed

The minimum 1 ns pulse width, can be generated at any frequency. The pulse width can be finely adjusted in steps of 10 ps.

Flexible edge

Adjustable fine step resolution to 100 ps. The minimum edge is 500 ps and can be generated at any frequency.
The rising/ falling edge can be set respectively and can be used to generate asymmetrical pulse shapes.