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DI-720 For General Purpose Use Sleek Packaging Measures Only 1.5 × 6 × 9 Inches Printer Port Interface is Standard, USB or Ethernet Interfaces Are Optional ... More »

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DI-720 For General Purpose Use

Sleek Packaging Measures Only 1.5 × 6 × 9 Inches

Printer Port Interface is Standard, USB or Ethernet Interfaces Are Optional

Ethernet Option supports synchronous and distributed data acquisition up to 100 meters apart. For greater distances between units, use the DI-789 Repeater Switch.

Up To 16-Bit Resolution

The DI-720 Series is a family of instruments that offers 16-bit resolution and up to 250kHz waveform recording capability. They communicate through your PC'sparallel port in EPP, bi-directional, or standard mode. Other optional communication interfaces include USB and Ethernet.

Use the DI-720 for general purpose applications where preamplified signals are acquired. Examples include process monitoring, and a variety of medical research applications.

Printer Port, USB, or Ethernet Interface

DI-720 instruments are available with printer port, Ethernet, and universal serial bus (USB) communication interfaces. All instruments have a 25-pin male printer port connector for EPP, bi-directional, or standard mode parallel port communication with your PC. Options add Ethernet communication capability with a 10base-T Ethernet connector, or a USB port for universal serial bus communication. The optional communication interfaces cannot be used concurrently with the printer port.

Distributed and Synchronous Ethernet Data Acquisition

Daisy chain multiple DI-720-ENs, DI-722-ENs, and/or DI-730-ENs for a fully synchronous distributed Ethernet Data Acquisition System. Learn more here.

DI-720 Offers Lowest Cost Per Channel of Any Competing Product

The DI-720 Series accepts 32 high-level or signal conditioned analog inputs in a single-ended mode or 16 inputs in a differential input mode. The high-level inputs are typically low impedance, preconditioned signals in the range of 1.25V to 10V full scale. Channel expansion up to 240 channels is possible with expanders.

250kHz Burst Sampling A/D

Connect to DC or near DC signals like temperature, generator-based RPM, or other slow process variables. Sample rates well into the sub-Hertz range are possible. Use sample rates as high as 250,000 Hz for high speed applications such as modulated DC drives and other AC waveform situations.

High Resolution Capability

DI-720 instruments apply 16- bits of resolution to your measurement task.

Easy to Connect and Use

All instruments connect in seconds to your PC's parallel port, Ethernet connector, or USB port using the supplied cable. On DI-720 Series instruments, connect your signals to the DAS-16 compatible 37-pin "D" connectors. Or use the DI-205, DI-705, DI-706, or CABL-4 signal interface options, which provide alternate methods for signal connection.

Expansion Flexibility

Expand the analog channel capacity of DI-720 Series instruments now or anytime in the future with our DI-78B, a sixteen-channel, signal conditioned analog input backpack that allows the DI-720 to make any conceivable industrial measurement with full isolation. If using the Ethernet interface, string multiple DI-720-ENs together to add more channels, or expand with DI-730-ENs and/or DI-722-ENs to form a distributed synchronous ethernet data acquisition unit.

Includes WinDaq Software

Be up and running minutes out of the box with WinDaq acquisition and playback software. WinDaq/Lite software is included free with the purchase of every DI-720 instrument. WinDaq/Lite operates at a maximum throughput recording rate of 240 Hz with a DI-720 Instrument. Purchase WinDaq/Pro or WinDaq/Pro+ to record at the full sample rate. See the differences between all 3 versions of WinDaq Acquisition Software.

WinDaq Waveform Browser, our playback and analysis software for Windows, is distributed free with WinDaq/Lite and is included free with every WinDaq/Pro or WinDaq/Pro+ purchase. It is also available for download free-of-charge from this Web site. Use it to review, measure, compare, and analyze the waveform file after it has been recorded by WinDaq acquisition software. WinDaq software products support up to 14 bits of measurement resolution.

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