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Rotary vane pumps from the Pascal Series for backing vacuum and medium vacuum

The two-stage Pascal rotary vane pumps are the result of decades of experience in the design and industrial production of vacuum pumps..

The following versions are available:

SD-version for all vacuum applications with non-corrosive gases

I-version for the requirements of instrumental analytics

C1-version for applications with aggressive or corrosive gases

C2-version for harsh duty applications with the most aggressive pumping environment

Multi-stage Roots pumps by Pfeiffer Vacuum produce clean and dry vacuum for various applications and markets.

The solution for clean and dry applications
Multi-stage Roots pumps by Pfeiffer Vacuum are used in different areas of application. 

Small ACP-Roots pumps create, for example, the required fore-vacuum for turbopumps in particle accelerators. 

Large ACP 120 with their high pumping speed and low final pressure are used in freeze-drying applications. 

The A 100, A3P or A3H series dry pumps are used in large numbers as process pumps in the semiconductor and coating industry. 

Nevertheless, all of these areas have one thing in common: they require a clean and dry vacuum. 

The technology of the multi-stage Roots pumps is the perfect solution here.

Lubricants and sealing material between the rotor and stator are not required by the frictionless working pumping module. 

Thus, hydrocarbon vapor backstreaming can be avoided. In the suction chamber of the pumps, no sealing materials are processed. 

This means the pumps are free of particles, extremely reliable and stable for a long period of time which results in low cost of ownership.


Thanks to their innovative drive concept, these pumps are hermetically sealed, making them clean and environmentally compatible.

Because our magnetically coupled rotary vane pumps do not have radial shaft seals, there is no oil leak.

The use of a magnetic coupling minimizes maintenance requirements and leads to considerable cost savings per pump and maintenance interval.


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