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Τροφοδοτικά DC

​Delta Elektronika Power Supplies.

Designed for long life at full power

Excellent dynamic response to load changes

Protected against all overload and short circuit conditions

EMC surpasses CE requirements: low emission and high immunity

Low audible noise: fan is temperature controlled

High voltage isolation up to 1320 V

Operation on single and three phase input voltages

High Power 240w  to 6000W series

MTBF > 500.000 Hours

Large user display, menu driven operation

Durable digital encoders for voltage and current adjustment

Plug and play optional interfaces


Master/Slave parallel and series operation with voltage and current sharing

Stacking is allowed, space between units is not required

High power system configuration from multiple units

Laboratory use (feet included), 19” rack mounting optional

Remote sensing



HAMEG Instruments’ two types of power supplies (HM8143 and HMP4040) cover numerous applications; each type excels by being universally applicable, simple to operate, its compactness, and an unexcelled price/performance ratio. Test sites especially value this advantage because universal instruments minimize set-up times. The power supply portfolio consists in total of 6 types in order to also care for smaller budgets.

All power supplies feature galvanically isolated floating overload and short-circuit proof outputs and may be connected in series or in parallel, thus making very high currents and voltages available. A precondition is the common electronic fuse which disconnects all channels simultaneously in case of a fault. The HMP series also provides an extended FuseLink system which allows individual logic combinations.

Power supplies for general uses with output protection and correct ratio of quality and price for low budgets.

The power range is 0-30V and 0-5A with two or three outputs

Power supplies for general uses with output protection and correct ratio of quality and price for low budgets.

Three output modes: independent, series and parallel connect; support timing output, waveform display and SCPI remote command

4.3 inches TFT-LCD display with 480*272 high-resolution

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