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Plano Convex Lenses
Simple shape lenses for laser experiment with a little reduced spherical aberration. These are available for imaging experiment using a monochromatic light source or using as focusing a laser beam on the detector.

Plano Concave Lenses
Simple shape lenses for spreading the collimated laser beam. These are available for expanding the beam diameter or in combination with convex, expanding the irradiation area of illumination light.

Biconvex Lenses
With its both convex surfaces the biconvex lens refracts light efficiently in a small space, more light is focused. The particular feature of biconvex Lens is that it enables to focus light at a short distance and also enable it to focus dispersed.

Biconcave Lenses
With its two concaves surface, the biconcave lens refracts light efficiently in a small space and spread widely the light. Possible to use it for enlarging the illumination area.

Cylindrical Lenses
Cylindrical plano-convex lens has a convex curvature in the vertical direction and has no curvature in the horizontal direction. It is used to make experimental and condensing a laser beam in a thin line, a wide light sheet used in the measurement, such as fluid.

Micro Spheres
Micro Spheres are mostly used for coupling optical fibers to laser diodes and other fibers or detectors.

Micro Lenses
Micro lenses are spherical plano convex/biconvex lenses with diameters smaller than 4mm. These small lenses are designed to improve when assembling into present equipment and instruments that demands lighter and smaller footprint optics.

Aspheric Condenser Lenses
Aspheric condenser lens is a single lens for collection and condensing, which the radius of curvature of one side is changed according to the height from the optical axis to minimize spherical aberration. The other side is plano or convex.

Single Lenses for CO2 Lasers
Spherical single lenses are made of zinc selenide. In contrast to other optical materials for infrared wavelengths such as Ge (germanium) or Si (silicon), ZnSe lenses transmit some visible light, facilitating optical axis adjustment (alignment) of infrared laser systems and permitting use of cheaper He-Ne lasers. Lenses intended for use with CO2lasers have AR coatings.

FAC Collimated Lens
FAC collimated lens is an aspheric cylindrical lens designed for collimating the bar-type laser incident and to avoid light divergence. Because of the aspheric form of the lens, it offers a low spherical aberration.

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