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Optics & Optical Coatings

Mirrors designed for the optical laboratory are produced by metal or dielectric coating on the polished glass surface by vacuum deposition. Optical characteristics of reflectance with a variety of features are provided with the coating.

A beamsplitter is an optic that splits light into 2 directions.The split ratio of light transmittance and reflectance is 1:1 and is called a half mirror.

Human eyes have no ability to perceive the polarization of light. Also, the most of the optical detectors do not carry sensitivity of the polarization. For this reason, filters that selectively transmit the light with specific polarization or optics that can change the polarization state become necessary. In this page, a guidance is provided for finding a suitable application for the variety of polarization optics.

These Lenses listed here are a single lens polished to a spherical shape different to multi-element lens for cameras or telescopes. The performance is reduced to minimum with a wide range of applications at low cost.

Multi-Element Optics
The lens or a combination of these lenses found in this section will have limited applications compared with single spherical lens but very high performance can be achieved in a dedicated application.

There is a large choice of filters, their characteristics are thoroughly differentiated. To choose the right filter characteristic may help you to increase your experimentation efficiency.

By processing the various forms of glass, the prism produces a special effect due to refraction. Since there is no angular offset that after manufacture, it is also used as a reference angle for accurate angle.

Substrates / Windows
Uncoated optical glasses (substrates) used for mirrors or beamsplitters.

Optical Data
This information contents various easy to understand technical data useful for optical experiments.

Optical tool/kit for optics reparing or maintenance use.

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