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XDS Series

XDS Series

XDS SERIES  Inverted biological microscopes    Top level solution for phase cont... More »

Κατασκευαστής: Optika Microscopes
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: XDS Series
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XDS Series

Inverted biological microscopes 

Top level solution for phase contrast observation
XDS-Series looks at the challenge of the future with confidence, offering first-class completeness, optical quality, mechanical versatility, that open the instrument to all the enhancements and accessories that will be developed throughout the years. 
OPTIKA has chosen XDS as its inverted microscopy development platform for all illumination and manipulation accessories. Moreover, the open optical path allows the implementation of epi-fluorescence systems.
The multiple access to the optical path ideally complements the infinity-corrected optics, and offers ample freedom for the development of special accessories.
The bright 8W LED illuminator, coupled to a full phase ring set, to a photo port, and to the diverse holders for slides,
Petri dishes and flasks, qualify XDS-3 as a powerful and complete instrument, that finds its optimal application in high-end routine, and as a complement
to the most powerful research microscopes.
Effectiveness does not mean complexity. A particularly simple and ingenious optical design allows stable alignments and smooth and accurate movements
throughout years of use.
Effectiveness does not mean cost. The optimally targeted design choices, both for mechanics and for optical components, have allowed OPTIKA to reach the performance of XDS-3 without sacrificing the accessibility that characterizesOPTIKA instruments. An additional reason to challenge the future.
It still surprises us how, with few well-located controls, a microscope can become so versatile.
The controls are located in accessible and comfortable positions, and offer all degrees of freedom necessary for an immediate and pleasant use.
The glass stage surface allows an optimal visual access to the objective turret. The straight neck leaves ample room for sample positioning and for the most
advanced probes.