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ASM Series
ASM Series ASM Series ASM Series

ASM Series

Portable Leak detectors by Pfeiffer Vacuum are the ideal solution for leak detection in maintenance applications thanks to their compact size and lightweight design. Leak Detectors for mobile maintenance applicat... More »

Κατασκευαστής: Pfeiffer Vacuum
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: ASM Series
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ASM Series

Portable Leak detectors by Pfeiffer Vacuum are the ideal solution for leak detection in maintenance applications thanks to their compact size and lightweight design.

Leak Detectors for mobile maintenance applications
Portable leak detectors are our answer to any demands of maintenance work where mobility plays a crucial role. With these applications in mind, it is important that the leak detectors used are compact, lightweight and portable. Our ASM 310 and MiniTest portable leak detectors, weighing in at 21 kg and 5 kg respectively, are more than 50 % lighter than conventional units. They have universal mains connections to allow them to be used in any part of the world. Transport boxes are available as accessories to even allow these units to be taken on a plane, typically when leak detection jobs are carried out by service engineers who are called upon to work all over the world.
Innovative technologies are what distinguish our leak detectors. They are equipped with graphic color displays and are easy to operate from a detachable control panel or from a distance using a remote control. The menu navigation is user-friendly and easy to operate.

The portable MiniTest combines innovative technology with ultralight weight

The MiniTest portable helium leak detector weighs only a sensational 5 kg! It is the first vacuum leak detector on the market which works with a quartz window sensor. Thanks to this innovative technology, it stands out due to its lightweight design and small footprint. The uncomplicated operation and optional wireless remote control enable helium leak detection to be carried out even in large systems by only one person. The MiniTest can work at a high inlet pressure of up to 200 mbar and is not sensitive to water vapor. This makes it the ideal solution for leak detection in power plants, vacuum furnaces and vacuum systems as well as in heat exchangers. The data recording function on the remote control via USB interface makes this unit a user-friendly data logger. Since it is practically maintenance-free, it is also cost-efficient both in operation and in long-term use.

The mobile high-performance leak detector by Pfeiffer Vacuum is optimized for rapid pump down and short response times for large test objects. It is the ideal leak detector for maintenance of large objects such as process chambers in the semiconductor and photovoltaics industry.

ASM 182 series Leak Detectors are powerful and compact
The high-performance leak detectors in the ASM 182 series are available in oil-lubricated and dry versions. Both versions are equipped with a high backing capacity. The small footprint of these leak detectors enables them to be easily integrated into production lines. Our ASM 182 series leak detectors can be used to detect leaks in parts of widely varying sizes and volumes. Whether used in the automotive industry, the aeronautic and aerospace industry or in semiconductor production, these leak detectors fit the bill with their high performance and reliability.

ASM 192 series for ultra sensitive detection limits in large volume components
Extremely short pump down times even on large chambers as well as ultra short cycle times are the outstanding features of these console models. The vacuum system incorporating a powerful high vacuum pump reduces helium background fast and makes for short recovery times even after intense leaks. With one or two roughing pumps operating in parallel, system configurations can be ideally adapted to meet any component throughput requirements. Oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps as well as dry ACP pumps are available for use as backing pumps for the ASM 192 series.

The sniffing leak detectors by Pfeiffer Vacuum locate even the smallest leaks accurately and fast.

Leak Detectors for localizing Leaks
Our ASM 102 S and ASM 142 S sniffing leak detectors are the ideal solution for accurately locating minor leaks. These units have a wide measuring range from 0.1 ppm to up to 100 % Helium. With a detection limit of up to 1 x 10-8 Pa · m3/s leaks are detected accurately and fast. These leak detectors are very easy to operate and even inexperienced users achieve reliable results. Delivery of important status messages by voice synthesizer and a remote control facility are additional features for the user's convenience.

The ASM 102 S: dry, portable and flexible
The ASM 102 S sniffing leak detector with its 18 kg lightweight design and small footprint is ideally suited for maintenance applications in restricted spaces or outdoors. This leak detector can be operated in any position, which considerably enhances its flexibility. Besides its voice synthesizer and remote control features, this unit has a sniffer probe with a 5 m long tube. Longer tubes can also be supplied upon request. The leak detector has an interior storage box which can accommodate the unit's entire accessories.

Sniffing Leak Detector for industrial uses: the ASM 142 S
The ASM 142 S leak detector was developed for stationary sniffer testing in industrial applications. The leak detector has a sturdy rotary vane pump and can also be supplied with a calibrated leak if requested. In addition, it has a specially designed user interface for sniffing leak detection. The ASM 142 S comes with a standard 5 m long sniffer probe. Other length options can also be supplied upon request.