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FLUO Series

FLUO Series

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Κατασκευαστής: Optika Microscopes
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: FLUO Series
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FLUO Series

Upright and Inverted - Epi-Fluorescence Microscopes

Imagine a fluorescence microscope that needs a lamp change every 50.000 hours.
Imagine a fluorescence microscope with a cold light source that barely heats up during use.
Imagine a fluorescence microscope that can be switched on, used immediately, switched off and then back on again.
Imagine a fluorescence microscope that is so safe as to need no protection shield whatsoever, and that can be used by everyone, without any specific precaution. 

Imagine a fluorescence microscope that can be powered by batteries, as easily as a torchlight.
Imagine a fluorescence microscope that is so sturdy and so compact that it can be used on the field, without any transport problems.
You may think that such an instrument exists in your imagination only.
Actually, such microscope is real, and its name is OPTIKA B-353LD.
Developed by the OPTIKA Research labs, the B-353LD marks a revolution in the field of fluorescence microscopy.

Strictly derived from the B-353FL model, of which it shares the body, the optics and the filter sets, the B-353LD employs high-power LED instead of the classical mercury vapour bulb.
The LED is tailored to the specific applications (FITC-TRITC).

The brightfield illuminator uses our X-LEDTM system, and the colour temperature closely matches sunlight.

The microscope is available in two versions: B-353LD1 and B-353LD2

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