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B-500 Series

B-500 Series

B-500 SERIES  High Quality Upright Laboratory Microscopes  The B-500 microscopes have been desig... More »

Κατασκευαστής: Optika Microscopes
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: B-500 Series
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B-500 Series

High Quality Upright Laboratory Microscopes 

The B-500 microscopes have been designed for the best performance in routine laboratory use. According to the models, two different optical systems are available (InfiniFix and IOS). 

X-LED™ - The future of illumination OPTIKA is proud to introduce its own revolutionary LED powered illumination system. Developed by our R&D dept. it consists of a new combination of LED and optical technology. A new high-efficiency single chip LED works in combination with a special optical lens, which allows to double the intensity of the light generated by the LED itself. The result is a quantity of light equivalent to the light generated by a normal 30-35W halogen bulb, but with a colour temperature of 6300K. 

It means white light instead of the yellow one produced by halogen bulbs.
The electrical consumption (3.6W only) shows the high efficiency of the system: same light intensity with less than 10% of the consumption of a normal halogen bulb.
Last but not least, the lifetime of our LED: 50.000 hours, insted of 1.500 hours ...!

LED piccola X-LED piccola
Standard LED X-LEDTM
illumination system

Optical systems & Objectives
With INFINIFIX optical system, the two worlds of infinity-corrected and 160 mm optical system find the way to meet each other. With this exclusive optical system the B-500 series uses a true infinity-corrected optical path, implemented with standard 160 mm objectives. 
IOS simply means "Infinity Optical System". All IOS models of B-500 series are equipped with Infinity corrected objectives. 
Microscope stand
The modern stand design, with accessible and ergonomic controls, complements and enhances the instrument’s usability. 
The ample 22 mm field of view and the high-point eyepieces allow for hours of use without eye fatigue.
The B-500 microscopes are equipped with two kinds of illuminators: an high-efficiency dichroic 20W halogen illuminator (models with SEMI-PLAN objectives), or our special X-LED™ illuminator (models with PLAN and IOS Plan objectives). Both systems permit light-intensive applications, such as phase contrast or dark field, without the need of complex active cooling and of keeping the electrical consumption at lowest levels. 
Two kinds of swing-out condensers are available (depending on the models): - 0.10/1.20 N.A. for better performances with high magnifications; - 0.22/0.90 N.A. for better performances with low magnifications (pathology).
Specimen stage 
A generously sized double layer stage, suitable for two specimen slides, optimally completes the instrument. 175x145mm, XY range 76x51mm.

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